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Eco-Pro Image
Eco-pro: (20" x 32" shown when selected)
Eco-pro Advantage: (18" x 30" shown when selected)
Proudly made in the USA, eco-friendly NewLife® Eco-Pro™ Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats are a premium comfort solution designed to prevent leg, foot, & lower back discomfort experienced by workers who stand on hard flooring.
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Gelpro's Eco-pro Product Diagram
  • ¾" thick commercial grade polyurethane foam
  • Unmatched ergonomic comfort & support
  • Constructed with eco-friendly Bio-Foam®
  • Durable, stain-resistant surface with brushed texture design
  • Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for superior high-traction bottom surface
  • Beveled edges for added safety
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
GelPro Eco-Pro - Product Diagram
Comfort Technology


  • ¾” high-density cushion provides all-day comfort & support
  • Proven to reduce spinal compression & increase flexibility by major university study*
  • Helps prevent foot, leg and back discomfort
  • Proper ergonomic support reduces aches, strains & work-related injuries
  • Will never bottom out, delaminate or wear down
  • Bounce-back memory restores energy
  • *Study conducted by Texas A&M University
Comfort Type

Premium Comfort + Heavy-duty Support

This premium commercial anti-fatigue mat provides deep cushioned support, and soothing all-day comfort.

Ideal for:

Retail stores, service counters, pharmacies, banks, airports, hotels, offices, light industrial areas, hospitals and labs.

Continuous Comfort - Really Big Mats for Really Big Jobs
Premium comfort designed for extended work areas
  • Unique, invisible seams prevent the risk of tripping
  • Beveled edges for safety & accommodating service carts
  • Ideal combination of cushioned comfort & proper support
  • Proven to reduce spinal compression & increase flexibility
  • Reduces fatigue and discomfort caused by standing
  • One-piece polyurethane construction will not delaminate or wear down
  • Will not absorb fluids or dirt
  • Lightweight and easy-to-clean
  • Brushed textured top surface for added safety
  • High-traction bottom surface certified by National Floor Safety Institute
CONTINUOUSCOMFORT mats are ideal for:
  • Customer service counters
  • Shipping and packaging
  • Bank tellers
  • Pharmacies and medical labs
  • Assembly or factory lines
  • Picking lines
  • Retail counters
Eco-Pro Advantage - Eco-Pro Advantage comfort for the workplace
Affordable comfort for work areas
  • Advantage Mats are constructed with a 5/8" cushion topped with a puncture and abrasion-resistant polyurethane material
  • Reduces fatigue and discomfort caused by standing
  • Protects feet, legs and the back from physical aches and strains while increasing employee morale
  • Will not absorb fluids or dirt
  • Lightweight and easy-to-clean
  • Two-year warranty
NewLife Advantage Mats are ideal for:
  • Customer service counters
  • Light industrial areas
  • Retail counters
  • Bank tellers
  • Offices
  • Loading docks