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GelPro Medical Anti-Fatigue Mats are scientifically engineered with patented gel technology and energy-return foam to provide all-day comfort and support to doctors, surgeons, technicians, and nurses.
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GelPro Medical - Product Diagram
  • ¾" Dual-Density™ comfort core featuring proprietary gel + energy-return foam
  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties for added protection
  • Water-resistant and will not absorb fluids
  • Proper friction level for damp or dry surgical booties
  • Easy-to-clean and compatible with hospital grade quaternary cleaners
  • NFPA 260 and CAL 117 compliant
  • Certified by the National Floor Safety
    Institute for the highest level of traction
  • Available in DND Red for use in no-interruption zones such as medicine dispensing stations
  • 1-year commercial warranty
  • Made in USA

Learn how GelPro Medical Mats are proven to improve ergonomics and comfort:

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Comfort Technology

Commercial Grade Gel Comfort
+ Supportive Energy-Return Foam

  • Combines soothing gel with a layer of energy-return foam
  • Patented Dual-Density™ system reduces & prevents physical discomfort and fatigue
  • Properly conforms and supports feet while promoting proper circulation
  • Relieves pressure and restores energy while standing

In a medical study published in the Journal of Urology and Outpatient Surgery Magazine, GelPro Medical Mats were proven to:

  • Improve comfort and ergonomics during procedures
  • Reduce the number of stretches and postural changes
  • Improve post-operative discomfort & energy
  • Promote proper posture while diminishing back, knee and foot discomfort
  • Improve performance and reduce the margin error
Comfort Type

Dual Density™ Comfort + Support

Specially designed to provide the highest level of comfort and support for surgeons, nurses and technicians. Perfect solution for areas where medical professionals are required to stand for extended periods of time

Ideal for:

  • Operating rooms
  • Radiology
  • Procedure areas
  • Medication dispensing stations
  • Nurses stations
  • Lab testing areas
  • Pharmacy

GelPro Medical Mats at a Glance

GelPro Medical Mats | Medical Columbia Blue

Medical Columbia Blue

Columbia Blue is a light blue commonly used in the operating room.
GelPro Medical Mats | Medical DND Red

Medical DND Red

DND Red is a bright, vibrant red designed for use in "no interruption zones" within the medical industry. Perfect for use in front of medicine dispensing stations and in laboratories where the slightest interruption could prove detrimental.
GelPro Medical Mats | Medical Green

Medical Green

Surgical green is a light green that matches the color of scrubs commonly found in hospital operating rooms and is designed to be easily visible on white or grey operating room floors.