Mom and More (Ergo Comfort Rug Review)

I don’t dread washing dishes as much as I dread standing there on the hard wood floors in front of the sink. I used to dread that pressure and aching from standing there and scrubbing the dishes. I tried different rugs and mats before and they helped, a little, but they just weren’t what I wanted and needed. GelPro is a company that I read about and always wondered if their rugs really made a difference, well let me tell you – they make a HUGE difference!

I got the chance to cehck out the affordable Ergo Comfort Rug by GelPro and I absolutely love it. It combines three products in one: incrediblely soft designer accent rug, therapeutic comfit mat, and a built-in non-slip rug pad. The mat features a 3/4 inch high density comfort pad that will not bottom out like memory foam mats, which is one problem I had in the past. I bought a GelPro knock-off and it was good for the first week, then there were dents that never fully went back to shape. The design was also plain. This Ergo Comfort Rug is not only amazing it is design but its also the softest rug I have ever felt. I find myself actually walking on that side of the kitchen just to walk on it! Just standing on it I feel my body relaxing, instead of stiffening. So while I stand there washing dishes for the millionth time, I at least can feel comfortable!

I chose the Belmont Brown style and it matches perfect with my kitchen. There are tons of other great colors and styles available though perfect for any room of your house. I used to think GelPro was out of my budget but this rug is affordable and I highly recommend it! You don’t realize how uncomfortable you are standing until you step on one of these!

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