Closet of Free Samples (Ergo Comfort Rug Review)

Generally I’m not a huge rug fan. I mean, I’m very picky about them and where they should be, etc. I keep them by the entrances to our home and next to the bath tubs and that’s about it. When I was offered an opportunity to try out the Ergo Comfort Rug by Gel Pro I figured okay, whatever, just another rug that will probably end up being used on the front porch or something, but I was quite surprised with this rug and it’s now placed in front of our kitchen sink.

About Gel Pro:

Our mats are engineered with one goal in mind: to make the time you spend standing more comfortable and enjoyable. We pride ourselves on being the experts of innovative anti-fatigue comfort mats for homes and businesses.

It all started with a Thanksgiving dinner. Lisa McMahan shuffled her feet from side toside on the cold hardwood kitchen floor. Her calves ached and every once in awhile she felt a sharp pain inching up her lower back. She had been standing in the kitchen for nearly six hours on that cool Thanksgiving Day when the discomfort finally became unbearable.

In 2003, Robb McMahan, Lisa’s husband and an engineer by trade, created the world’s only gel-filled anti-fatigue floor mat forresidential use. Three years later the product was available online and now, nearly ten years after its creation, GelPro comfort floor mats are the most recognizable ergonomic floor mats brand in the country. Let’s Gel, Inc. has sold more than 1 Million floor mats since 2005 online and through national retailers. Recently, GelPro has expanded by offering NewLife, high-performance foam comfort mats, to both the residential and commercial markets.

Let’s Gel started with an idea – an innovation, and our mission is to continue to offer innovative products that improve the lives of the people who stand on them.

What do I think?

The Ergo Comfort Rug™ is a brand new product from the makers of GelPro™. Combining three products into one, the Ergo Comfort Rug starts with an incredibly soft designer accent rug that sits on top of a therapeutic comfort mat with a built-in non-slip rug pad. The 3/4" high-density comfort mat will not bottom out like memory foam mats and prevents pain and fatigue caused by standing. Rug covers can be purchased at to change décor. The Ergo Comfort Rug™ is easy to care for, just vacuum, spot clean or machine wash as needed. These rugs add warmth and comfort to any kitchen, bath or laundry room. Rugs are 22" x 34" and retail at $69.95. Our rugs, along with all our mats are proudly Made in the USA!

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