Penny Pinchin Mom (Ergo Comfort Rug Review)

I have had Gel Pro kitchen mats in my kitchen for a couple of years now and I absolutely love them. So, when I heard (and saw) their newest product – The Ergo Comfort Rug, I was intrigued to say the least. I received it in the mail and placed it in my bathroom so I could give it a try for myself.

The first thing that caught me was that it didn’t look like a Gel Pro mat. It was absolutely gorgeous! The colors blended in with my decor and it looked like a pretty mat. Of course, this was more than “just” a mat.

As I was getting ready this past week, I started feeling as if I had more support under my feet. It was comfortable - much better than the thin rugs I was use to. The other bonus for me, was that it gave me another 1″ of height (I can use all of the help I can get in that department).

I was really worried about clean up. After all, there is fabric on the mat. What if I spilled something on it? Would it be ruined? Gel Pro thought this out and each mat comes with instructions which tell you exactly how to clean it. And, if worse comes to worse, the cover is open in the back and you could remove it and have it place it in your machine. They really thought of everything when they created this mat.

You can order them right now for $69.95 from Gel Pro. That might seem like a bit for a mat, but this is not “just a mat” - it is much more than that and worth every single penny. I am in love with mine!!!

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