I Like (GelPro Review)

I have discovered something that actually makes me want to stay in the kitchen a little longer. What is this miracle product, you ask? A chocolate fountain? Self-cleaning dishes? A kitchen nap cot? Nope, Just my GelPro anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat.

That's right, a floor mat. And not just because it comes in the color "truffle", either, since independent testing in my kitchen has demonstrated that the GelPro mat is not edible.

Aside from the yummy color the GelPro appeals to my love of textures. I am entirely tactile when selecting clothing or items for my home. I have to feeeel everything and it was to feel good or I'm not wearing/sleeping/ sitting/standing on it. 'Good' has a variety of definitions which include soft, velvety, squishy, cool, silky, warm, smooth or spongy- depending on my mood.

The GelPro has wholly pleased my texture hungry side from the moment I placed it in my kitchen. It is the only anti-fatigue mat available that is filled with gel. I adore the way it feels under my feet, so much so that I want to spend time at my kitchen counter. Don't let my partner hear that or she might cover the whole kitchen in GelPro mats to keep me cooking and cleaning 24/7.

Oh yes, and I should probably mention the GelPro mat is fantastic for relieving fatigue, particularly if you have a bad back, arthritis, foot problems or anything of the sort that causes standing for periods of time to be difficult. I have a recipe or two I dread making because I know it means an hour of chopping. With the GelPro under foot I don't dread the chopping, it makes that much of a difference.

If you have a foodie, a cook or master of the kitchen that you want to encourage to stay in that kitchen as long as possible the GelPro would make a really wonderful gift (Father's Day anyone?). I think it is a must have for anyone on their feet all day that has to come home and stand in the kitchen.

The mat comes in a variety of styles, sizes and colors and can be purchased online. The Basketweave style that I have can also be purchased at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond. The mats start at $99.95, which is a good price considering the phenomenal quality. I guarantee you no other mat will come close to this one in durability, comfort or quality. If you put one in your kitchen maybe I'll come over and cook for you. Well…at least I will be more likely to cook for you.

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