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I often meet people who want to come up with a business that's new and different. Folks like Robb can serve as an inspiration and a reminder to use your skills to come up with something that's needed.

During an enjoyable conversation with Robb he briefly spoke about the importance of developing a business via a website when financial resources are limited. Perhaps Robb will agree to revisit us and share more tips and techniques to expanding a business via a website.

Gladys Edmunds' Entrepreneurial Tightrope column appears Wednesdays. Click here for an index of her columns. As a single, teen-age mom, Gladys made money doing laundry, cooking dinners for taxi drivers and selling fire extinguishers and Bibles door-to-door. Today, Edmunds is founder of Edmunds Travel Consultants in Pittsburgh and author of There's No Business Like Your Own Business, a six-step guide to success published by Viking.

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