Couponing to Disney (Ergo Comfort Rug Review)

Does your back start to hurt you while you wash dishes or cook at the stove? I know mine does and it was getting so frustrating! So when I heard about the Ergo Comfort Rug, I knew I had to try it!

Experience the luxury of a premium comfort mat covered with a soft designer rug that feels ultra plush on bare feet while providing therapeutic support to your feet, legs and back. You’ll appreciate the outer beauty and inner comfort of the Artisan Series Ergo Comfort Rug. Combining three products into one, the Ergo Comfort Rug starts with an incredibly soft designer accent rug that sits on top of a therapeutic comfort mat with a built-in non-slip rug pad. The 3/4” high-density comfort mat will not bottom out like memory foam mats and prevents pain and fatigue caused by standing.

The stain and fade-resistant rug cover is constructed of high-quality 100% polypropylene yarn that feels incredibly soft and warm underfoot. The Artisan Series Ergo Comfort Rug is suitable for all rooms in the house, especially the kitchen, bath and powder room.

Easy to care for, simply remove the comfort mat from the rug cover and easily spot clean or machine wash when necessary. When it’s dry, place the rug cover back on the mat for hours and hours of stylish comfort. The built-in non-slip bottom keeps the rug in place.

When I received mine, I immediately placed it in front of the sink. After a week of using it, I am definitely in love! I don’t dread washing dishes or unloading the dishwasher anymore because I know it isn’t going to be a painful experience.

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