See how Eco-Pro’s comfort technology gives relief for working folks – on the job or at home.

100% polyurethane energy-return foam.

Bounce-back memory reduces and prevents physical discomfort, stress and fatigue.

Brushed texture surface provides the perfect slip-resistant top surface.

Ergonomics study winner

Proudly manufactured in the USA
with eco-friendly materials

Eco-Pro Commercial Grade Mats are the ultimate comfort solution for protecting feet, legs and back while you stand at work. The durable polyurethane core endures heavy foot traffic in commercial or industrial environments as well as smaller garages and work-spaces. Whether you spend time at a stand-up desk station or at a service counter, Eco-Pro Commercial Grade Mats by NewLife provide you the maximum support and comfort to get the job done. A perfect solution for employees who stand for long hours in the following industries: retail stores, hotels, offices, banks, shipping & receiving, airports, pharmacies, grocery stores and service counters.

Top surface is a subtle brushed texture that aids in traction.

While cheaper anti-fatigue mats actually get slick when wet, the Eco-Pro Mat provides the right amount of surface traction.

Energy-return foam provides maximum support at home or on the job.

This scientifically-designed polyurethane foam adds a spring to your step while it cushions your discomfort for hours.

100% polyurethane foam follows the contour of feet and provides support.

Whether you have high arches or low, the Eco-Pro Mat meets your feet where they need it most. The perfect combination of cushion for support.


Our foam is constructed with a renewable, plant-based resource called Bio-Foam®.


According to a 2012 study conducted by Texas A&M University, the Eco-Pro™ Anti-Fatigue Mat was the ONLY anti-fatigue mat proven to show a statistically significant difference in reducing spinal compression in workers who stand for prolonged periods of time. It also showed a statistically significant increase in flexibility in workers who stand for prolonged periods of time.

100% polyurethane, Energy-Return Foam™ construction for protection against discomfort and fatigue, featuring an integral brushed surface texture for enhanced traction.

All-day shock absorption and pressure relief prevents discomfort and fatigue. The brushed surface texture is resistant to scrapes and punctures. Eco-Pro Mats are also non-toxic and contain no plasticizers.

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Customer Favorites

Stop the hurt while you work - Stand on a NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatiuge Mat!

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