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The World’s Most
Comfortable Vanity Mat

Standing at your bathroom vanity can be tiring and quite excruciating for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis and arthritis.

Two ways to easily transform a bath into a retreat: the ultra-comfortable GelPro Elite mat and the Ergo Comfort Rug. Both options properly conform to the shape of your feet for maximum support and unmatched comfort.

GelPro mats properly conform to the shape of your feet for maximum support and unmatched comfort. They are easy-to-clean and completely stain-resistant. Featuring a slip-resistant bottom for added safety. *DO NOT USE GELPRO ELITE OUTSIDE THE BATH OR SHOWER OR IN WET AREAS.

Choose from hundreds of patterns and colors to complement your space!

Luxurious vanity mats put an end to discomfort and fatigue.

• 3/4" thick
• Patented gel + energy-return foam
• Exclusive, ultra-comfortable double layer of comfort
• Easy-to-clean top surface is stain/fluid resistant
• Offers maximum protection from
discomfort & fatigue
• Plush cushion pampers feet while providing therapeutic relief from plantar fasciitis or osteoporosis
• Non-toxic, phthalate-free polyurethane
• Slip-resistant
• No-curl, welded beveled edge
• 5-year warranty
• Made in the USA with imported fabric
• 3/4" thick
• Accent rug + energy-return foam
• Washable accent rug combines with comfort mat for exceptional comfort
• A traditional rug with the support of a foam comfort mat
• Foam cushion prevents physical stress, fatigue and discomfort
• Polyester rug /polyurethane mat
• Slip-resistant, Traction2 Technology
• Built-in GellyGrippers
• 6 month / 1-year warranty
• Made in the USA with globally sourced material

Customer Testimonials

In love with GelPro. I have your runners in my kitchen, master bath and my RV. They help with my lower back pain and look beautiful! My favorite way to enjoy them is barefoot in the summer, they feel line heaven under my feet, cool and squishy!

Linda from Murray, KY

Beautiful and practical! I have this in front of my bathroom sink. It is lovely on my tile floor and makes that flooring more comfortable while standing to brush my teeth or style my hair. A wonderful purchase.

Mona from Salem, VA

Super comfy! Your feet will thank you for buying this mat. I put it on my bathroom to stand on when getting ready in the morning and it has helped my heel pain from brutal planter fasciitis.

Wobbles from Sartell, MN

GelPro is the best! I keep GelPro mats in each of my bathrooms and the kitchen. Because I have arthritis in my knees, they allow me to stand in comfort in those rooms. They look great and actually enhance the appearance of those rooms.

Pam from NE

I have placed these mats in front of the vanities in our master bath & they feel so great under our feet & provide much support (I have terrible problems with my feet.) I will definitely order again and am now looking at which mats I want to place in the kitchen.

LRosser from Canyon, TX

We now have a GelPro mat in the kitchen and master bath. Love these things! My legs no longer ache after standing on these over ceramic tile flooring.

Gammy from Cedar Falls, IA

Proudly made in Texas, GelPro uses the most advanced comfort technology not available in any other comfort mat. GelPro luxurious foam bath mats properly conform to the shape of your feet for maximum support and unmatched comfort. Traditional bath mats and memory foam bathroom mats can breed bacteria and are easily soiled. GelPro bath mats have an easy-to-clean, non-toxic polyurethane top surface that is completely stain-resistant even to messy make-up products. Featuring a slip-resistant bottom for added safety, these premium comfort bath mats will keep your feet and back happy while you get ready or wind down from a busy day.*FOAM BATH MAT IS RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN FRONT OF THE VANITY. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE THE BATH OR SHOWER OR IN WET AREAS.

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