GelPro Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

Let's face it, standing in the kitchen is not the most comfortable spot in the house, or at least not without some help. Anti-fatigue mats make doing dishes, cooking, and chores painless and GelPro mats make it stylish. Made in America and with hundreds of options GelPro comfort mats marry form and function to enhance the design of any room you add them to. Before discovering the company which is based out of Texas and does all of their manufacturing in America, I thought comfort mats were boring one color, gray or brown, floor covering. GelPro opened my eyes to all the possibilities with their custom designs and innovative options.

The gel filled mat is engineered with a non-slip bottom and the custom durable designed top. I loved the mat. It is heavy which kept it from moving around, and the added cushion was a benefit with my bad knee and back. Even when I was cooking and cleaning up after a big party the GelPro mat did its job and kept me comfy. Normally after that much time on my feet the soles can be sore and my knee aching, but not while I was on the mat. If you like to go barefoot like I do this is a must.

The most common place in the home may be the kitchen but laundry rooms, garage, and even ideal for standing desks and work stations there are different size options and commercial options. Mats have a 5 year warranty too.

The GelPro site is unbelievably helpful. Many sites just show color options in little images against a white backdrop. Their site shows you each mat as a full image and examples of what the mat looks like against different floor types! The trick I used in matching the perfect GelPro mat to my kitchen? Opened an image of the mats I was most interested in on my phone and sized it to fit the screen then walked around the kitchen to compare my top choices in the space.

What better gift for the house, whether it is for Mother’s Day, the Holidays, or as a house warming gift! Keep in mind orders take 7-10 days, before shipping, on the designer patterns, but the results can do a lot to update your space so worth the wait. You may want to consider a gift card or sitting down together to shop if you want to give a mat as a present. With all the options and color choices available there are hundreds of possibilities! Find out more at

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