Cook Like Jackie (GelPro Review)

A wonderful way to improve the aesthetics of your cooking space is to fancy up your kitchen floors. As kitchens become more customized and every detail is carefully planned, adding accessories that make your floor space more attractive have become a necessity. The challenge of creating a cohesive design with a complimentary kitchen floor is thatmany of us have little to no choice in the matter. Apartment dwellers are often left with the dregs of flooring materials cracked or peeling linoleum or unattractive tile work. Even those who own homes may find that their kitchen floors are an eyesore they would rather ignore and an expensive undertaking that may or may not be worth the effort. Aside from the look of your kitchen floors, for cooks who spend a good deal of time on their feet, the pursuit of floor improvements that provide comfort, style and affordability result in limited options.

GelPro mats provide a wonderful solution for those who wish to enhance their floor space while also bringing a comfortable surface to their kitchen floors. With over 200 different color and style combinations the company has distinguished itself in an area that is often overlooked and one where little comparable alternatives exist. The beauty of the GelPro system is the cushioned comfort. It's anti-fatigue mat technology incorporates a soft, shock-absorbing gel core that is wrapped in any number of color and style combinations. The mats can be placed in any number of rooms one's home making them ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, garages and other places where standing for long periods of time occur.

Cook Like Jackie. com sampled the new Flora line in an Olive color by GelPro. The line boasts a beautifully embossed rose pattern that is both elegant and neutral. After using my mat for over two weeks, the difference in my cooking experience has been phenomenal. So much so, that I have placed another mat in my bathroom. It's no surprise that over 40% of GelPro customers purchase multiple GelPro mats because of the flexibility the color and design palettes provide. Cleanup has been a breeze with a moistened paper towel.

Where to Find Your GelPro Mat

Ordering is easy through the GelPro website where you can use the Interactive Kitchen feature to predict how various colors and styles will look in your kitchen. Mats are also available at retailers including Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon. com,and Chefs Catalog. Color swatch samples can be sent for $10. That $10 can be credited towards the purchase of a mat.

Cook Like Overall Rating ****Highly Recommended****

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