Our Ordinary Life (GelPro Review)

I'm not the best cook, and I hate doing dishes. I don't mind putting them away but as for doing them I'm on it. With pregnancy comes fatigue and aching feet. I was given the chance to review a GelPro floor mat and I couldn't be happier. Although now I don't have an excuse to make Del do the dishes. The GelPro floor mat is the only one of its kind. For those with aching feet, back pain, and arthritis. I am actually enjoying standing to do dishes with the comfort of innovative gel that contours to my feet. I wish I could have an entire floor made of the gel. It's that comfortable!

If you'd like to find out more about how the mats work and the technology behind them visit the website there’s a lot of great information. The GelPro technology has products that will fit you. I picked the Cardoba and couldn't be happier. Although they have a design that will mach your home, style and budget. Pregnant or not if you have back pain, diabetes, arthritis, or just want comfort check out GelPro. It's worth every penny spent!

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