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Why You Need a
Kitchen Mat

One of the most forgotten kitchen tools - the handy
comfort mat.

Kitchens and baths generally have the hardest type of flooring in the home yet it’s actually the place where we stand the most. Physical discomfort and fatigue are often cited as the leading reasons why people invest in an anti-fatigue kitchen mat to place in front of the sink, stove or kitchen island. GelPro pioneered the first comfort mat beautiful enough for kitchens while solving the painful problem of standing on hard flooring.

Choose from hundreds of patterns and colors to complement your space!

Stop the hurt in the kitchen with luxurious comfort floor mats.

• 3/4" thick
• Patented gel + energy-return foam
• Exclusive, ultra-comfortable double
layer of comfort
• Offers maximum protection from
discomfort & fatigue
• Plush cushion pampers feet while providing therapeutic relief from plantar fasciitis or osteoporosis
• Non-toxic, phthalate-free polyurethane
• Slip-resistant
• No-curl, welded beveled edge
• 5-year warranty
• Made in the USA with imported fabric
• 3/4" thick
• Accent rug + energy-return foam
• Washable accent rug combines with comfort mat for exceptional comfort
• A traditional rug with the support of a foam comfort mat
• Foam cushion prevents physical stress, fatigue and discomfort
• Polyester rug /polyurethane mat
• Slip-resistant, Traction2 Technology
• Built-in GellyGrippers
• 6 month / 1-year warranty
• Made in the USA with globally sourced material
• 3/4" thick
• Energy-return polyurethane foam
• Ergo-Foam core for advanced comfort & proper support
Pressure-relieving comfort protects feet, legs & back
• Supportive foam restores energy & won’t bottom out
• Non-toxic, phthalate-free polyurethane
• Slip-resistant
• No-curl, welded beveled edge
• 1-year warranty
• Made in the USA with imported fabric

Customer Testimonials

I have a tendency to 'binge cook'... when I'm in the zone, 10-14 hour days on my feet are not uncommon. Those days used to be followed by sleepless, leg-cramp-filled nights and sore feet for two days. No more! Best investment in myself ever – and looks amazing on my floors as well. Easy wipe up and stays put. Love these!

Nana from Wisconsin

I bought these for my updated kitchen. They are perfect, so great underfoot when I am working in the kitchen. Truly feel like standing on a cloud.

JV from Johnstown, PA

These mats are perfect. I wanted something I could stand on that would be comfortable for my feet and attractive for my kitchen. My feet no longer hurt after working in the kitchen. So many colors and designs to choose from and the design I chose blends in perfectly with my decor. I looked for months for something like this!

Kimitz from Maine

I love these mats! With hours standing in the kitchen, these mats are my best friends!

Annie from Las Vegas, NV

Any time that I've worked in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up afterwards, I spend the night with my feet and ankles on ice, and they still ached the next day. After I bought the GelPro Elite mats, I've not had that problem since! I would strongly encourage anyone who wants a great mat to protect their back or feet to spend the money to buy a GelPro mat.

Suzie from Minnesota

I was researching these for many weeks and finally decided to purchase. I know it seems like a lot of money to spend for floor mats, but please know - it is worth every penny! These are the best mats you will ever have and make cooking and washing dishes so comfortable!

Kenny from Charlton, MA

People who stand on GelPro kitchen comfort floor mats actually claim to be able to stand for longer periods of time without ever experiencing fatigue and soreness. Another reason that GelPro anti-fatigue kitchen mats are so popular is because they coordinate beautifully with today’s gourmet kitchens. Buy these designer-inspired kitchen floor mats that are easily cleaned with a sponge and dish soap. Compared to traditional woven kitchen rugs that soil easily, GelPro mats are slip-resistant and have a stain-resistant top surface that's constructed out of durable polyurethane that won’t absorb dirt or fluids.

Ready to see all the patterns, colors and sizes that Gelpro kitchen mats come in? CLICK HERE TO SHOP ALL