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GelPro Classic | Basketweave | Black | 20" x 36"
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GelPro Classic is the original gel-filled comfort mat. It features a patented gel core that takes the pressure and stress off your feet, back and legs while reducing discomfort.
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GelPro Classic - Product Diagram
Comfort Technology

Original Gel Comfort Core

  • A soothing foundation of patented gel conforms to feet
  • Relieves discomfort & fatigue caused by standing
  • Cradles feet & equalizes pressure while offering therapeutic support to back, hips, legs and feet
  • Provides a cool cushion of relief
Comfort Type

Firm Cushion

A slightly firmer gel core than GelPro Elite, this comfort solution is for customers who desire the premium benefits of supportive gel.

Ideal for:

  • Those wanting to reduce or prevent physical discomfort when standing on hard flooring.
  • Kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, craftroom and with stand-up desks
  • ½" patented gel core
  • Reduces physical discomfort caused by standing
  • Easy-to-clean, water and stain-resistant surface
  • Non-slip bottom certified by National Floor Safety Institute
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in the USA with imported fabric

Unsure which pattern or color to choose? Order a fabric swatch!

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Can’t decide which GelPro Comfort Mat is right for you? To see the basic differences, visit our Mat Comparison Guide.

Mat Comparison

GelPro Classic Patterns at a Glance



The classic Basketweave pattern has the appearance of woven strips of natural grain leather.


This small basketweave pattern is highlighted with a natural-fiber texture.


This realistic Crocodile pattern makes a bold statement in any room.


Featuring a vintage-like finish, Flora is a pattern of delicate roses.


The distinctive ostrich pattern features the perfect combination of texture and personality.


Rattlesnake is remarkably realistic with a three-dimensional texture that feels wonderful under bare feet.


Trellis is embossed with a beautiful repeating pattern of rectangles reminiscent of windowpanes or a trellis structure.


Wicker has the appearance of tightly woven strands of natural fibers.


Clean and contemporary, the Willow pattern is comprised of undulating ridges that create a comfortable and visually striking texture.

GelPro Classic Mats at a Glance

GelPro Classic Mats | Basketweave Black

Basketweave Black

Black is a universal color that adds depth and dimension to any space.
GelPro Classic Mats | Basketweave Chestnut

Basketweave Chestnut

Chestnut is a rich, medium shade of reddish brown.
GelPro Classic Mats | Basketweave Coquina

Basketweave Coquina

Coquina is a very warm creamy color that contrasts well with dark flooring.
GelPro Classic Mats | Basketweave Hazelnut

Basketweave Hazelnut

Hazelnut is a rich, ruddy terracotta color that will warm up dark or natural tone floors.
GelPro Classic Mats | Basketweave Khaki

Basketweave Khaki

Khaki is a warm tan color that complements well with most floors and cabinets.
GelPro Classic Mats | Basketweave Truffle

Basketweave Truffle

The best-selling Truffle color is a rich, dark brown color that adds sophistication to any room.
GelPro Classic Mats | Cordoba Hazelnut

Cordoba Hazelnut

Hazlenut is a warm, terra cota color.
GelPro Classic Mats | Cordoba Truffle

Cordoba Truffle

Truffle infuses hints of auburn with the deep, rich color of a coffee bean.
GelPro Classic Mats | Crocodile Red

Crocodile Red

Red is a true lipstick red and not for the faint of heart.
GelPro Classic Mats | Crocodile Truffle

Crocodile Truffle

Truffle is the color of the darkest chocolate, it offers a rich anchor to many décors.
GelPro Classic Mats | Flora Antique Redwood

Flora Antique Redwood

Antique Redwood is a reddish-brown perfect for both deep brown and light brown floors and cabinets.
GelPro Classic Mats | Flora Antique Spanish Oak

Flora Antique Spanish Oak

Antique Spanish Oak is a soft, light brown with medium brown accents in the raised surface pattern.
GelPro Classic Mats | Flora Olive

Flora Olive

Olive is distinctive green with yellow undertones that coordinates beautifully with all shades of brown flooring and cabinetry.
GelPro Classic Mats | Flora Rose

Flora Rose

Rose is a cheery red that brightens up any space.
GelPro Classic Mats | Ostrich Black

Ostrich Black

Black is a classic black that coordinates well with any décor.
GelPro Classic Mats | Ostrich Khaki

Ostrich Khaki

Khaki is a warm, caramel color that works well with medium and dark brown floors and cabinets.
GelPro Classic Mats | Rattlesnake Dark Doe

Rattlesnake Dark Doe

Dark Doe combines a family of browns with touches of orange and gold.
GelPro Classic Mats | Rattlesnake Macadamia

Rattlesnake Macadamia

Macadamia is combination of creamy beige and caramel highlights.
GelPro Classic Mats | Rattlesnake Red Ochre

Rattlesnake Red Ochre

Red Ochre combines dark red and rich brown.
GelPro Classic Mats | Trellis Canyon Sun

Trellis Canyon Sun

Canyon Sun is similar to the color of honey and coordinates well with dark wood tones.
GelPro Classic Mats | Trellis Mocha

Trellis Mocha

Mocha is a rich brown color similar to dark chocolate.
GelPro Classic Mats | Trellis Plum

Trellis Plum

Plum is a luxurious color that pairs well with browns, greens or gold.
GelPro Classic Mats | Wicker Oakwood

Wicker Oakwood

Oakwood is a deep, dark brown with warm brown highlights.
GelPro Classic Mats | Wicker Oyster Grey

Wicker Oyster Grey

Oyster Grey is a warm grey with subtle hints of brownish gray undertones.
GelPro Classic Mats | Wicker Saddle

Wicker Saddle

Saddle is a light golden brown with darker brown highlights and is reminiscent of the color of fresh hay.
GelPro Classic Mats | Willow Chianti

Willow Chianti

Chianti, the color of a rich, red wine, coordinates well with browns, greens and greys.
GelPro Classic Mats | Willow Cocoa

Willow Cocoa

Cocoa is a deep chocolate brown both classic and rich in nature.
GelPro Classic Mats | Willow Fern

Willow Fern

Fern is an earthy green color that works well with browns, reds and greys.
GelPro Classic Mats | Willow Greystone

Willow Greystone

Greystone is a medium grey with cool undertones ideal for coordinating with black, white and other bold colors.