A Mom's Take (Ergo Comfort Rug Review)

My package of a GelPro Ergo Comfort Rug arrived.

I would have to say, First impressions are a very big thing. My first impression when opening my delivery was, "Wow, that is really well made. That should hold up to some heavy traffic."

I then laid it on the floor in front of my kitchen sink, stepped on it, Relief, all the tension in my legs, feet and body went away. I looked into my sink and saw I only had one pan to hand wash and thought, "Dang, I wish I had more dishes to wash, this rug feels really good to stand on." My feet and legs felt more relaxed. It was very interesting yet extremely pleasant and comfortable.

Then I proceeded to look over to where I stand for prolonged periods of time to prep and serve food to the children in my care and thought, "Man, I wish I had one over there too!"

So now I will introduce to you the product that I have been going on about. The Pattern that I have chosen for myself is the Farnsworth Rawhide.

Ergo Comfort Rug from the Artisan Series

GelPro has introduced a new Artisan Series line of their popular therapeutic support mats designed to look just like a designer rug. The new series comes in 30 different styles to choose from and gives you style and comfort in one. The GelPro rugs are known for their therapeutic support for your back, legs, and feet to remove the pressure of standing on a hard floor. So gather your friends and family to entertain in style and comfort!

As you can see in my pictures the rug fits perfectly in front of my double sink. They have a really wide spectrum of choices when it comes to the colors and prints. I love the idea of being able to change the cover to give my kitchen a new look without having to completely replace my comfort. For anyone who spends any length of time in front of the stove or sink, I would Highly recommend that you ask for this product for Mothers Day. Even if you are the Dad.

Gel Pro is having a Mothers Day give away also on their sight at GelPro. Make sure you check it out. They are giving one Ergo Comfort Rug per week through May 3rd.

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