Barefoot Mommies (GelPro Review)

I was able to review the Red Ochre Rattlesnake design (hold back was all fake & i would never buy real animal anything!) Red Ochre (pictured above) is an undulating pattern of dark browns and vibrant reds. Easily the most colorful style in the Rattlesnake Line, Red Ochre partners well with mahogany cabinetry and dark flooring. Rattlesnake is as wild and untamed as the great American West. Remarkably realistic, its outdoorsy surface is not simply printed, but is actually a three-dimensional texture that feels wonderful under bare feet. When it arrived, the box was so heavy i had no idea what was inside. Then when i seen it was my Gel Pro mat, i was amazed. I kept picturing a simple felt type mat, with some vinyl in rattleskin texture. NOT! This is some crazy quality mat, let me tell you! Pleased?? Beyond! The quality of Gel Pro is astonishing. Its so soft yet very durable. Perfect for little ones running around, because not only is it safe for them as well, but spills wipe right off with no scrubing.

If you have an elderly mom or dad in your home, and trips to the bathroom are not so safe..these are the mats you want. There is NO skidding, NO slipping. They stay in place! Now i had no idea the benefits of this mat until i was skimming the website. When i stood on my Gel Pro i could definatly feel what the benefits could be, but didnt relieze there was proof of this.

Everyone can benefit from the comfort provided by a GelPro mat. There are, however, millions of individuals that are especially susceptible to hard, unforgiving flooring. Chief among them − young and old alike − are those with painful arthritis, lower back pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and diabetes.

Think of those holidays where as usual, us moms and grandmoms are at the sink and stove for hours..heck, sometimes days LOL, this mat would surely make any mom super happy (and i imagine less tired and cranky from cooking LOL) I can not say enough good things about this brand. The colors are awesome, lots of textures to choose from, and a variety of price ranges. If you can afford the 36×144..please buy several to re-do your entire flooring LOL. Im not kidding, i am super excited about this mat.

My size was 20×36 and it fit perfect in front of my kitchen sink. My husband even noticed there was “somthing soft on the kitchen floor” (LOL). That was with his army boots on! That should tell you right there how awesome that gel is. If they made a bed with that stuff..i would need a cali king lol.

My negative or improvement for Gel Pro…? Of course price in the economical state most families are in, would make one turn away faster. Maybe bring the price down by $25/$30 on the 20×36. That, or offer more discount/sale codes. The positives outweigh the improvements though tenfold.

So im sure your wondering where can i see, feel and buy one.. Well currently the BasketWeave pattern is available at your local Bed,Bath & Beyond in all 6 colors! Sizes avail at the retail stores are the 20×36 & 20×72.

Basketweave has the appearance of interwoven leather strips, but is actually a one-piece high performance coated textile. No matter if your tastes are traditional, ultra-modern or something in between, Basketweave has universal appeal.

Run over and step on one. Jump up and down on it and see the difference over any other mat you could possibly buy.(Maybe dont tell the manager i said you could do that LOL) This is an investment you will NOT want to pass up. Think of your moms this mothers day! If you arent much for the basketweave pattern, still go try it out and feel the quality, then come home , get back in your jammies and order a e-gift card for her, or select the style she might like. Hey lots of moms are Cocodile lovers right?? (You can buy samples as well!) Don’t forget, Bed Bath & Beyond has the Basketweave Pattern Gel Pro mat!

Ps- Designed and Assembled in the USA. Got to love that! The e-gift cards are sent online so even if you forgot to buy a gift on Mothers Day you can hurry and buy one!

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