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GelPro Mats for Retailers

Retailers: You're selling items essential to a well-equipped kitchen, but the majority of them primarily aid in food preparation. Isn't it just as important - if not more important - that your customers be comfortable in their kitchens? GelPro anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats can help prevent the foot pain and lower back pain associated with standing on hard kitchen flooring.

GelPro anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats represent a tremendous opportunity for retailers. Our unique gel filled anti-fatigue floor mats are the only kitchen product that most consumers will use every single time they're in the kitchen, and the only one that can actually improve how they feel. Nearly 40% of our customers purchase multiple GelPro Mats. It's very common to sell 2 or 3 GelPro kitchen floor mats to the same customer. Typically they place one in front of the sink and one in front of the stove. If you are a retailer of high-end gourmet, ergonomic or floor covering products and are interested in wholesale pricing of GelPro kitchen floor mats, please call 1-866-GEL-MATS (866-435-6287) or contact us via e-mail using the Customer Service Form. We are happy to work with retailers of any size. (Minimum order quantity may apply.)

GelPro anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats are very easy to merchandize. Typically our retail partners place a GelPro mat at the check out area for customers to stand on. Our unique and attractive Point of Sale display can then be positioned in a location where customers can read about the features while they are standing on the mat. This strategy has proven very successful at educating customers while demonstrating the product. Give us a call today to discuss how GelPro Mats can increase your revenue and delight your customers!

For more information, please fill out our contact form and a Retail specialist will get in touch with you.

Look for these displays at independent retailers across the United States and Canada.