GelPro (Let’s Gel, Inc.) products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act. The following list of GelPro/LGI products may not be all inclusive, and other GelPro/LGI products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.

Let’s Gel, Inc., the parent company of GelPro Comfort Floor Mats, is an industry leader of innovative products in the comfort flooring space. LGI maintains a combination of patent protection, trademarks, non-disclosure agreements, trade secrets and additional administrative measures to protect its intellectual property rights.

We are committed to protecting our technological position and new product development by filing for additional intellectual property (IP) on an ongoing basis, as well as protecting our brand and goodwill through registration, maintenance, monitoring and enforcement.


Gelpro Elite mats are covered by one or more of US Patents 6,851,141 , 7,754,127 , 7,682,680 and 8,034,274 with other patents pending.


Gelpro Classic mats are covered by one or more of US Patents 6,851,141 and 7,754,127 with other patents pending.

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